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发布时间: 2016 - 08 - 19
Core FunctionShuttle Mover is a key vehicle for horizontal movement in high density warehouse storage systemBoarding the shuttle car and aisle switchingTransporting the pallets to the entrance of the conveyor(FILO) Both of FIFO & FILO are available AdvantagesAdvanced design concept, high speed and locating accuracyUnique technology, switching to different levels automaticallyThe shuttle car is charged by the shuttle mover during the movement Specifications2.5m/s Max speed1m/s Max acceleration1500KG Max Load CapacityLocation Mode: Laser Location
发布时间: 2016 - 08 - 25
Core FunctionsIt is suitable for the transportation in the narrow room with 360°rotation movement.It is realized the route planning and centralized dispatching by control system.It is available to combine with the WMS/WCS. Advantages360°movement model to save the spaceThe system is stable with high handling ability to control more than one hundred AGV.It is maximum optimized the path and allocation by intelligent path planning and AGV scheduling to improve the total efficiency.
发布时间: 2016 - 08 - 19
Core FunctionsInshuttle car is drove by both AC/DC, running on the guide rail to pick the feedboxes by the clamp to the specified location, and put the feedboxes from racking entrance to inside.. , AdvantagesHigh speed, precise positioningBoth single depth and double depth are availableHigh picking speed  Specifications4m/s Max speed2m/s Max acceleration speed50KG Max loadPLC Control Unit
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2016 - 08 - 18
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2016 - 08 - 18
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Inform Storage awarded the 2016 logistics technology best enterprise.
2016 - 08 - 18
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2016 - 08 - 18
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INFORM will attend Tilog-Logistic in Thailand from 21th-23th,Sep, 2016.Booth No.HO2

Storage Operation Services

日期: 2016-08-18
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The over expected rapidly development of E-ecommerce is with the problems of increased complicated operation and lack of operational people, it is caused cost of the operation staying in a high level. Because of the high investment and complicated operation of the automatic storage system, the terminal enterprises is facing a difficult choice between the self-building and outsource.

INFORM RACK is innovate offered the storage operation services based these requirements of the customers. The series of service plans are including the storage picking system, sorting equipment, management software and operation services, it is improved the performance of the equipment system and optimized the working capital to have the added value.


 Service Patterns

 Warehouse Supplier Providing the warehouse

 Customer Enterprise Pay the cost according to the flow of work

  Providing Warehouse Management/Operation people 提供货架 Providing Racking

 Providing Automatic Storage Equipment

  Signing the Assets Security Assurance Contact


 Main Transport Incoming Inspection

 Goods Storage Goods Outbound/Inbound

 Order Sorting Packing

Parcel Sorting Express Logistics

In the whole storage operation process, INFORM is offering 4processes: Incoming Inspection, Goods Storage, Goods Outbound/Inbound, Order Sorting.


Service Process

1, The cooperation intention and mode are confirmed by both parties

2, The INFORM is providing approved automatic storage system plans

3, The operation flow and charging are confirmed by both parties

4, The operation service contract and asset security assurance contract are signed by both parties

5, The production and installation of racking is provided by INFORM.

6, The warehouse administrators and operators are provided by INFORM

7, According to the requirements of the customer, INFORM is operating the warehouse to realize the outbound/inbound, sorting functions etc.

8, According the operation flow, it is paid to INFORM every month.


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