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案例名称: Liquor industry
说明: Liquor industryGuizhou Moutai Distillery (Group) ; Budweiser (Wuhan) International Brewery Co., Ltd.
案例名称: Automobile industry
说明: Automobile industry Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.; faw-gm light duty commercial vehicle coFAW liberation Co., Ltd. ;Dongfeng Yueda KIA Automobile Co. Ltd.Changchun FAW - Volkswagen Automobile Culture Co., Ltd.Shanghai Volkswagen Co.LtdBeijing Mercedes Benz Daimler Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd.Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd.
说明: Food and beverage industryUrumqi Yili Food limited liability companyMengniu Group Beijing branchCoca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd.Tricon Global Restaurant,Inc.Chengdu unified enterprise Food Co., Ltd.Qingdao Nestle Co., Ltd.Nanjing Food Co., Ltd.Havi food (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
说明: Shijiazhuang cigarette factory ;Yingkou cigarette factory Lanzhou cigarette factory Nanjing cigarette factoryYantai tobacco distribution center in Shandong Weihai, Shandong Tobacco Distribution CenterYunnan tobacco Lijiang distribution centerLiaoning tobacco Fushun distribution center
案例名称: Garment Industry
说明: Ningbo Taiping bird fashionable dress Co., Ltd.Anta (China) Co., Ltd.361 degrees (China) Co., Ltd.Jordan (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.Jiangsu JEANSWEST Fashion Co., Ltd.SemirZhejiang Angelo clothing Limited by Share LtdEsquel Group
1. Project overview- Pallet size 1200 * 1200 * 1600mm- 1T- A total of 1260 pallets       - 6 levels, with one four-way shuttle per level, a total of 6 four-way shuttles - 3 lifters       - 1 RGVLayout2. FeaturesThe four-way radio shuttle system can be well adapted to special application environments such as low warehouses and irregular shapes, and can meet operation scenarios such as large changes in the efficiency of in and out operations and high efficiency requirements.Four-way radio shuttle has remarkable featu...
发布时间: 2024 - 01 - 18
1. Customer introductionA multi shuttle system project located in South Korea.2.Project overview- The size of the bin is 600 * 400 * 280mm - 30kg- 6912 bins in total- 18 multi shuttles- 4 small shuttle level changing lifters- 8 bin liftersLayout3.Project features1). High self-production rate: All major core equipment of the system are self-produced, and the self-production rate exceeds 95%;2). The self-developed multi shuttle has excellent performance and uses super capacitors as power sources;3).Independently developed and customized a powerful WMS and WCS system for the company:☆ The WMS sys...
发布时间: 2024 - 01 - 11
The Fuyang TECH-BANK annual production of 5 million pigs slaughtering and deep processing project is the first integrated base built by TECH-BANK  Food from seed sources to dining tables. As the largest pig slaughtering and processing project in Fuyang City, it carries an important mission of meeting the local pork market demand. The automated warehouse project covers an area of 350 acres, with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan and a construction area of approximately 110000 square meters. It includes the main construction contents of a slaughterhouse, a comprehensive...
发布时间: 2024 - 01 - 04
On December 7-8, the 11th Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2023 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference, hosted by the Journal of Logistics Technology and Applications, was grandly held in Suzhou. ROBOTECH, as an executive director unit, was invited to attend.This year's Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference jointly explores new paths for the resilience growth of logistics equipment enterprises and strives for a new chapter in the high-quality development of the logistics equipment industry. After strict evaluat...
发布时间: 2023 - 12 - 28
“ The four way radio shuttle system has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, automation, and intelligence. Based on the development of shuttle technology, the functions of the four way radio shuttle system are also constantly extending, and it shows a trend of flexible, intelligent, and cost-effective technological development. The application scope is constantly expanding, and the market prospects are broad.”                          ...
发布时间: 2023 - 12 - 21
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