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Short Description1,Shuttle mover, working in combination with radio shuttle, is a fully automatic and high density storage system, consists of shuttle mover, radio shuttle, racking, shuttle mover lifter, pallet convey system, WCS,WMS and so on.2,Shuttle mover system is widely used in different industries, such as garment, food and beverage, automobile, cold chain, tobacco, electricityand so on..Product DetailsProduct Analysis:①Functions1Pallet conveyingIndependent pallet conveying capability, shuttle mover and radio shuttle work individually in fast operation.2Charging onlineMulti-level power threshold control, self-judging and self-charging on line.3Remote controlOne press to switch online and manual operation on remote control mode (optional)4System monitoringMonitoring system data in re...
发布时间: 2016 - 09 - 02
Short Description1,Radio Shuttle Rack System is an semi-automatic storage solution for industrial warehouse, using shuttle instead of forklift to store goods inside of racks. 2,As radio shuttle only retrieves the pallet at rack ends, it is suitablefor less category and large batch goods, such as food, tobacco, freezer, beverage, pharmacy and etc. Generally, one lane is for only onecategory of goods Product DetailsProduct Analysis:①Functions1Automatic single inboundAccepting inbound instruction, shuttle lifts goods at the inbound end and places it on empty position then returns.2Automatic single outboundAfter accepting outbound instruction, shuttle automatically takes the stored pallet in lane to outbound or shuttle mover.3Continuous inbound and outbound For continuous inbound and outb...
发布时间: 2016 - 09 - 02
Short Description1, Four-way radio shuttle is an intelligent equipment which is applied to pallet handling. 2,Compact racking storage system in shuttle style could maximize the space utilization to store in high density, decrease cost and improve flexibility3,Four-way shuttle system, as a kind of fully automatic storage solution,realizes unmanned batch operation of palletized goods in 24 hours, suited to low flow and high density storage as well as high flow and high density storage. It is widely applied in different industries, suchas garment, food and beverage, automobile, cold chain, tobacco, electricity and so on..Product DetailsProduct Analysis:①Functions1Manual functionManually operate shuttle to forward, backward, jacking, putting down, transfer direction, etc. by testing software.2...
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案例名称: Liquor industry
说明: Liquor industryGuizhou Moutai Distillery (Group) ; Budweiser (Wuhan) International Brewery Co., Ltd.
案例名称: Automobile industry
说明: Automobile industry Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.; faw-gm light duty commercial vehicle coFAW liberation Co., Ltd. ;Dongfeng Yueda KIA Automobile Co. Ltd.Changchun FAW - Volkswagen Automobile Culture Co., Ltd.Shanghai Volkswagen Co.LtdBeijing Mercedes Benz Daimler Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd.Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd.
说明: Food and beverage industryUrumqi Yili Food limited liability companyMengniu Group Beijing branchCoca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd.Tricon Global Restaurant,Inc.Chengdu unified enterprise Food Co., Ltd.Qingdao Nestle Co., Ltd.Nanjing Food Co., Ltd.Havi food (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
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案例名称: Garment Industry
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How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

日期: 2022-03-04
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The reduction of overall operating costs by optimizing warehouse operations has become an important means for enterprises.

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

Recently, Nanjing Inform Storage Group and Liqun Group signed a cooperation agreement on the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of an automated warehouse system. The project adopts the shuttle and shuttle mover system

solution, which is mainly composed of through-type dense racking, radio shuttle, shuttle mover and computer control systems.

1. Customer Introduction

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

Liqun Group is a trans-regional, multi-format and comprehensive large-scale commercial group. For many consecutive years, it has ranked among the top 500 private enterprises in China, the top 30 of China's top 100 chain enterprises, and the top 10 of Qingdao's top 100 enterprises.

2. Project Overview

-9552 pallets

-1000kg /pallets

-18 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers

-1 set of WCS software

- 405 pallets/hour 135 pallets/hour 270 pallets/hour


This project adopts the intensive storage system of the shuttle and shuttle mover to store the goods. It contains 9,552 pallet positions, 18 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers, and 1 set of WCS software. It mainly stores various products of supermarkets, such as products with various types of materials and requiring large quantities of access.

The overall efficiency of inbound and outbound operations meets 405 pallets/hour: Inbound end 135 pallets/hour, outbound end 270 pallets/hour (Including finished product delivery, empty pallet back to warehouse, surplus material back to warehouse); Empty pallets are delivered out of the warehouse to supply staggered palletizing operations.

In and out of the warehouse: batch FIFO, FILO.

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

Project difficulties:

◇ The height of the warehouse is 20 meters, which requires high installation accuracy and track adjustment of the dense warehouse, and the installation is difficult;

◇ More shuttles, and it is very difficult for the software system to schedule equipment. Inform Storage planning WCS system, which can achieve more optimized paths;

◇ 24-hour operation requires very high equipment stability.

3. Shuttle and Shuttle Mover System

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

The shuttle and shuttle mover system consists of shuttles, shuttle movers, elevators, conveyors or AGVs, dense storage racking and WMS, WCS systems. It is a fully automated dense storage solution with flexible operation, high flexibility, good

scalability, and high cost performance.

Compared with traditional pallet racking, there is no need for forklifts to drive into the racking lanes, the operation efficiency can be doubled, and the warehouse can be unmanned.

System Features

○ Batch pallet operation, support FIFO and FILO two operation modes;

○ Fully automated operation of batch pallets;

○ Can adapt to irregular warehouse area;

○ Low requirements for warehouse building layout, floor height in warehouse, floor bearing capacity, etc.;

○ The storage layout is flexible, and it can be multi-floor and regional layout to achieve fully automated storage.

System Advantages

○ Intelligent scheduling, no need for personnel to operate equipment;

○ It can be connected to a shuttle, and can also handle and transport pallets;

○ 24-hour automatic unmanned batch operation;

○ The shuttle can be charged online during operation;

○ One shuttle mover on the same floor corresponds to two or more shuttles to work together;

○ Support omnidirectional forklift AGV operation

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?

Shuttle mover

It is used to complete the cross-aisle handling of shuttle, pick up and change layers of shuttle, and transport pallets independently when shuttle are separated.


Used to complete the storage, retrieval, tally, inventory and other operations of pallets in racking lanes, and which have automatic charging function.

4. Project Highlights

① Make full use of the workshop space, complete high-density storage, and maximize the cargo spaces;

② The system is highly flexible, and the number of shuttles can be increased or decreased according to customer traffic requirements to maximize efficiency;

③ Support the operation of multiple shuttles on the same floor;

④ The shuttle mover is powered by trolley line, and the system is stable; the shuttle is powered by super capacitor, which can realize 24-hour uninterrupted operation.

How Shuttle and Shuttle Mover Helps New Retail Enterprises to Improve Efficiency?
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